Back to Basics – Special Events

Special Events and Fund Raising sometimes involve activities outside the scope of an organization’s operations. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the costs associated with a special event in order to identify problems and then manage them appropriately and efficiently.

Developing a comprehensive safety checklist can help in planning your event or fundraiser. Part of this checklist should include a Special Events Insurance Review with your insurance broker.  Keeping proper records will help in identifying and controlling risks. Events usually require inspections, contracts and insurance for the event.  Having the appropriate agreements in place will go a long way toward a successful event.

Your Safety Checklist should include the following items:

First Aid/Communication Policy

* Mobile communication between event personnel, first aid and security

Permits, Licenses and Registration

* Food Handling/sales permits

* Liquor Licenses/permits obtained


* Sufficient number, type and handicap accessible

Food Safety

* Adequate refrigeration, storage, heat and prep areas

* Licensed/certified food handlers

Alcohol Safety

* Adequate Training for serving of alcohol

* Cut Off Time for Serving Alcohol at least one hour prior to end of event

* Required identification, wristbands

* Make alternative transportation available

Fire Prevention

* Check fire detection and suppression systems

* Train personnel on use and response

Staff and Contractors

* Background screening

* Copies of applications and resumes

Call us if we can be of assistance with your Special Events Insurance or if you would like a Complete Special Events Checklist.  We represent the leading insurance carriers for Special Events Liability Coverage. We are here to help with all of your insurance needs.

This is for educational purposes only.