The following are common insurance coverages most social service and non-profit organizations carry. CONTACT US today so we may evaluate your insurance needs!



Note that you are sharing your liability limits with any additional insureds added to your liability policy. Make sure you have high enough limits to cover your organization. Report all services, locations, special events and activities to your insurance broker. Also, consider addingEmployee Benefits Liability endorsements to cover your legal liability for claims caused by the administration of your employee benefit programs.


Special Events

Special events and fund-raisers should be reported to your insurance broker. Specific information needs to be reported i.e. date of event, number of attendees, revenue from the event, will liquor be served or sold (you may need liquor liability). If you hire independent contractors, make sure they provide you with a certificate of insurance.



Be prepared for a catastrophic Liability loss. Purchase an umbrella policy! Better safe than sorry!



Most Liability policies exclude Abuse and Molestation. Some insurance companies will only provide a sub limit. If your organization provides one on one counseling, or other direct services, you should consider adding this coverage. Most insurance companies require federal fingerprinting of employees and/or volunteers before they will add Abuse & Molestation coverage


Non-Owned Auto

Employees and volunteers should not be allowed to use their own vehicle on the agency’s behalf without confirmation that they have auto liability coverage. We recommend that the driver carry a $300,000 CSL auto liability limit.


Mechanical Breakdown

In order to obtain coverage for an accidental breakdown of business equipment and systems (circuit board failure, electrical arcing or mechanical breakdown of parts) you must purchase Boiler & Machinery coverage. Most property policies exclude losses that involve electrical line surges, insulation deterioration and poor connections. Typical losses include a voltage fluctuation which causes terminal boards to burn out! Your fire policy will not cover this type of claim!


Fidelity Bond

Fraud is BIG business! Most organizations are vulnerable to a crime committed by an employee!! Purchasing Employee Dishonesty insurance can protect your organization against fraud. Independent contractors are usually not covered under the Fidelity bond.


Directors and Officers

Coverage for Board Members is written on a claims made basis. There are various policy forms, conditions and exclusions which must be reviewed. Policies may include a deductible and may provide Entity and spousal coverage. Policies may also cover Employment Related Practices (i.e. wrongful termination, discrimination, etc.).