Employment Practice Liability Risk Mangement Tips

Employment Practice Litigation continues to impact employers of all sizes, especially in California. Defending against Employment Practice allegations can be very costly and time consuming.

The following are a few basic tips to help protect your organization from Employment Practice Liability suits:

  • Update your Employee Handbook with the appropriate policies and procedures. The handbook should be reviewed by an employment attorney. Regularly continue to update and maintain the employee handbook.
  • Each employee should have a copy of the Employee Handbook. The handbook should be thoroughly reviewed with the employee in detail.
  • Require all employees to sign off once the handbook has been reviewed.
  • Enforce the employment procedures in your handbook
  • Management must be appropriately trained¬† and follow all policies and procedures in the handbook.
  • Purchase Employment Practice Liability Insurance for protection against potential claims.

Insurance should be a part of your risk management program.

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