Cyber Crime and Risk Management

The prevention of cyber crime is critical to all organizations. Having the proper security protocols in place will go a long way toward protecting your organization from a cyber attack.

There are several areas of vulnerability when it comes to cyber fraud. Protecting your data requires various layers of protection within your organization. A good place to focus is with your employees as they are a critical first line of defense in your risk management efforts. In order to implement an effective loss control program, train your employees on the use of email and develop an email usage policy.

Hold regular training meetings on basic security threats and prevention measures. Employees must be trained to identify risks associated with email use, as well as the ap- propriate use of email at work. Consider requiring security awareness training for all new employees and refresher courses every year for all staff. Develop an effective pass- word policy that requires the participation of all employees.

Security awareness could further be enhanced by the use of newsletters or bulletins. When a new virus or cyber attack is detected create a work environment that is educated in protecting your organization.

Your Email Usage Policy should be easy to read and enforced. The policy should include what the company email system should and should not be used for as well as what data is allowed to be transmitted. Have your HR professional or employment attorney re- view your Email Usage Policy.

Most General Liability policies exclude losses that result from a data breach. Be prepared! Call us if you would like a quote for Cyber Liability.


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Consult with your employment attorney.

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